Capturing a speaker, a band, or even a product on video is more than just someone having a camera, pointing and recording. Videography is an art from that demands creativity and an open mind. I had the pleasure of creating some video over the years and it was more fun than work. Take a look at some of the projects that I have created below. You can also view my YouTube Channel  and watch the variety of other video projects I have created.

Short film, speakers, products, band music video and more....
Some of my work includes:
Lumens Integration
Eddy Weiss
Breathe Deep
Storm Shelters of Iowa
Nick Walker "The Weather Dude"
C4L & Associates
Smoke Eater Customs
Transformations Treatment Center
Maverick PowerSports
Zephyros Safe Rooms
FoxFury Lights
Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems